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Topics Covered In This Book

PD 101

Personal development is a hot topic and it has been for a long time, but the world of personal growth is changing! The largest population group today? Millennials.


There are plenty of ideas revolving around personal development and perhaps the biggest one, or at least most known, is self-actualization, or what I call, purpose.

Managing PD

While some people do work on themselves for fun, it's much easier to maintain long-term motivation for personal development if you have a purpose.

11 Rules of PD

1. It is never too late to take active steps towards personal development.

2. You don't have to need it to benefit from personal development.

100 PD Ideas and Goals

Personal development is possible for every area of your life. With that in mind, you will find 100 personal development ideas and goals below and which area of your life they can be filed under.

Final Thoughts

There is so much that ties into personal development, some you will be more than familiar with and other ideas that you might not have previously viewed as related to growth.

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