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Does any of this sound like you:

-Not in love with the career options presented to you in school?

-Want to avoid being tied down with massive students loans?

-Wish there was a way to get paid for doing what you LOVE? 

Good news: THERE IS!!

I help Christian young adults find a

way to get paid doing work they LOVE!!

You don't need

  • A fancy degree

  • YEARS of "education"

  • or even a HS diploma

    You only need commitment

  • to excellence

  • to IMPACT

  • to utilizing your unique God-given gifts and talents

Time to Level Up.

CREATE the life you want.

Our coaching will help you design a lifestyle of freedom,
and create massive IMPACT with a life and career you LOVE!!

Schedule a call today to see if coaching is a good fit for you.

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  • Your dream life and career is NOT going to "happen" to you.
    You have to be intentional with the way you design your life.
    I've discovered 5 keys to creating a life of maximum IMPACT:

  • Resilient MINDSET


  • Good HEALTH

  • Impactful WEALTH

  • Inspiring PURPOSE

  • Inspired to succeed, with professional SUPPORT.

    Get the support you need to level up inside our FB groups, through 1-1 coaching, or via masterminds.


    Young Entrepreneur, 5Keys, and more



    Small business teamwork and public relations training based on the DISC Model of Human Behavior



    Motivational speaker for young adults.

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    Kenneth Eash

    Cheif motivator, Empowering Forward Momentum

    My mission is to empower YOU to create an impactful and God-honoring life by living with purpose.

    My vision is for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. to have the support they need so they can create massive IMPACT and leave a legacy.

    All you need is 5 keys:
    🗝️1 The right MINDSET
    🗝️2 Strong RELATIONSHIPS
    🗝️3 FINANCIAL freedom
    🗝️4 Good HEALTH
    🗝️5 PURPOSE that impacts

    My purpose is to reach as many people as possible with this message.

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    It's our mission to empower people to live beyond their wildest dreams. 

    Personal freedom. Financial freedom. Lifestyle freedom.