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From clueless, to solo business mastery

Start a business, or even a side-hustle, based on YOUR unique strengths and personality,
create massive IMPACT, and fulfill your God-given potential.

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Life is NOT a blank page without parameters to design around. God gave each of us unique personalities, interests, and skills as parameters to guide the design of our life. The trouble most people run into is they haven't done the work to discover their parameters to even know where to start their life design or plan. So they ignore it completely and live life in default mode, ending up hating their job and often their life. Its my mission to help young adults decipher their "parameters" so they can intentionally design a life and career they actually love.

Ken Eash, Coach

Discover your USP

God made each of us truly unique. Your personality, interests, skills, and knowledge combine to make you truly one of a kind. Together we'll unpack those, and find what makes your soul "light up".

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Skills for life

Go from clueless, to concept, to profit, with a side-hustle or full time business. Learn how to identify the opportunities and markets where you can serve and IMPACT others, doing work you LOVE.

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This Is What You'll Learn In The Training

Step 1: DISCovery

DISC personality training, to truly DISCover what drives your uniqueness, and understand how to create stronger relationships with better interactions.

Step 2: Passion and Purpose 

Find your passion and purpose through using what you LOVE to do to IMPACT others. Turn your IMPACT into a thriving, profitable, and sustainable business.

Step 3: Finance

Learn to properly manage your finances, both personal AND business. Create a budget, and stick to it, to ensure your life and business are always on the up and up.

Step 4: Start

Start a side-hustle or business doing work you love,
creating an IMPACT on people who are falling over to pay for your services

Step 5: Business 

Legal structures, business licenses, finance accounts, and more. Learn the best way to structure your new business for the best tax advantages.

Step 6: Run/Grow

Develop the skills of a true entrepreneur as you learn to scale your business to reach and IMPACT more people.

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